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Typical Dutch stuff

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Thai food in Berlin, schnitzel in Rome, it's all possible these days, but what is typical Dutch when you go for a bite? Tell it here!

Motto:   Let's go Dutch!
Owner:   XXX
Erstellt:   05.07.2009
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Type:   public
Länderküche:   Europäische / Holländisch
Schlagworte:    Dutch food, Niederlandisch, folklore, Hollandisch, Hollands, Nederlands, locale specialiteiten, local specialities

von XXX
Veröffentlicht 05.07.2009
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Take a piece of bread and put some peanutbutter on it. In the eighties Calvé pindakaas made commercials in which the relationship between Dutch culture and the eating of peanutbutter sandwiches was explicitly stressed. In one of them the Dutch ice skater Evert van Benthem was seen as a child eating a sandwich while a voice-over said: 'Calvé pindakaas, wie is er niet groot mee geworden?' (Calvé peanutbutter, ...

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